Conference Objectives

The conference aims to contribute to the health promotion of TB and lung disease (COPD, asthma etc.) control in the Asia Pacific Region through research presentations and discussion. The conference covers HIV/TB, tobacco, epidemiology, health systems, and advocacy in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other institutions.

Plenary Lecture

Opening Lecture

Lung Health in Asia-Pacific
Dr. Toru Mori
Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association, Japan

Plenary Lecture

  1. Contribution of Japan in global tuberculosis control
    Dr. Tadao Shimao
    Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association, Japan
  2. Innate immunity
    Dr. Henry Koziel
    Harvard Medical School, USA
  3. Prevalence survey
    Dr. Ikushi Onozaki
    World Health Organization WHO, Genève
  4. Post-2015 Global strategy in WPRO
    Dr. Nobuyuki Nishikiori
    World Health Organization WHO, Genève
  5. Research agenda in TB
    Dr. Wing Wai Yew
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


  1. TB/HIV issues in Asia
    Dr. Charoen Chuchottaworn
    Central Chest Institute of Thailand, Thailand
  2. Addressing social determinants
    Dr. Chi Chiu Leung
    Tuberculosis and Chest Service, Department of Health Hong Kong SAR, China


Further information on Symposium (TBA)

  1. TB prevention and care of immigrants
  2. COPD/Rehabilitation
  3. Perspectives in TB vaccines
  4. Active TB case finding in high-risk group in urban & rural areas in Asian countries Pediatric
  5. Pediatric TB: Epidemiology & Prevention
  6. Lung Cancer
  7. Recent advances and expected impact in TB diagnosis
  8. Pneumonia Up-Date
  9. Progress in Universal Health Coverage in AP countries
  10. Strengthening contact investigation
  11. NTM: Current challenges (LIVE from JSTB Annual Meeting)
  12. Diagnosis and Management of Interstitial Lung Diseases in Asia
  13. LTBI treatment for further reduction of TB in various environment
  14. Asthma
  15. MDR-TB, epidemiology and management
  16. TB Surveillance systems in east Asia
  17. Patient-centered TB care and support
  18. Current status of molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis in Asia
  19. New drugs, New treatment
  20. Place of IGRA in TB control
  21. Ensuring TB control policy : legislation and political commitment
  22. Pharmacovigilance and side effect management
  23. TB in elderly and immune compromised host
  24. Threat of pandemic of viral infections (MERS/flu/experiences of SARS)
  25. Host factor, genetics and biomarkers


Further information on Workshop (TBA)

  1. WHO Western Pacific Region (WPRO), rGLC-GLI Workshop
  2. UNION Workshop
    "Health Research Ethics"
  3. Australian Tuberculosis Modeling Network (AuTuMN) Workshop
    "Using epidemic and economic models for tuberculosis for national decision support"
  4. Medecins Sans Frontiers Workshop
    "Overcoming challenges of access to TB care in MSF: from the use of drone technology
     to advocacy"

Joint Program

Asia Pacific's women's group activity: Role of NGO in TB control
Further information (TBA)

Public Open Lecture

  1. UNION's program on patients' smoking cessation
  2. For Smoke-free Tokyo Olympic-Paralympic Game 2020

Further information (TBA)

Post-graduate Course

Date: March 22, 2017
Time: 13:00 - 17:00
Venue: Hall B5(2), Tokyo International Forum
Course Fee: JPY 3,000
Course capacity: 50 participants (first-come-first served basis)

Session:  ● How to write scientific papers
● How to use literature database and Cochrane collaboration
● Introduction to Molepi of TB
How to participate:  Pre-registration is necessary. Please click "Further information" below and follow the instruction for pre-registration.

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APRC2017 Excursion Program

Inspection Tour of the Research Institute of Tuberculosis (RIT), Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (JATA)

Learn about RIT >>> Click

Date: March 22, 2017
Tour Time: 8:20 - 13:20 (5 hours)
Fee: JPY 5,000 per a person (including Lunch Box)
Tour Capacity: 40(the number of minimum passengers: 20)

Tour Schedule:
08:20 Assemble at Tokyo International Forum (TIF)
08:30 Leave TIF for RIT
09:50 Arrive at RIT, Inspection Tour of RIT
12:00 Leave RIT for Tokyo
13:20 Arrive at TIF
How to participate:  Reservation is necessary. Please click "Reservation" below and follow the instruction for reservation.

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